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Between managing personnel and keeping up with payroll, running a small business is far from easy.

JW Stringer, Attorney understands the daily realities faced by small business owners. It’s why he’s dedicated to providing you with qualified legal support in Houston, Texas. Calling on 23 years of experience, he’ll go the extra mile to help you overcome any legal challenge. He can assist you with:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Customer-related legal disputes
  • Debt collection issues

Business Disputes & Business Law

Business Disputes & Business Law

Involved in a landlord-tenant argument?

Are you a landlord who needs help collecting debt from a former tenant?

Are you a tenant who has a legal issue with your residential or commercial lease?

Whatever your situation, JW Stringer can help you. Boasting a wide knowledge of Houston business law, he’ll put you in a position to win or resolve your case. Call 281-591-4770 to schedule your free consultation!